Saturday, 26 March 2011

How to get free gamecards/points for any online game, free gaming consoles and games, or free iPods!

Do you want anything electronic or gaming related free?  Prizerebel is a site that offers to give you these things for free!  Some of the items that you can get are:
  • free any game for any system
  • free Club Penguin Membership
  • free Farmville/Yoville/Mafia Wars Game Cards
  • free Habbo Coins
  • free IMVU Credits
  • free iPod touch/iPhone/iPad
  • free Nintendo 3DS
  • free Nx Cash for Maplestory
  • free PS3
  • free Stardollars
  • free ToonTown Gift Codes
  • free Xbox 360
  • free Xbox Live
  • free Wii
  • free Wii Points
  • and pretty much anything on ebay and amazon as you can custom order from them!

Here is a step by step guide on how you can get any of the above for free:

1. Register for this site : Prizerebel
2. If you don't want to use your real name, use a fake one, but use that same name for the rest of the procedure
3. You need a valid e-mail to make an account, I recommend making another hotmail or yahoo account for this site, for you may get some spam
4. Verify your e-mail address and you on your way to getting free prizes

1. Once logged in, look on the top side and find "Get Points", then click "Available Offers"
2. This is a list of all the offers that you can do to earn points
3. Points are what you will use to claim prizes
4. Offers vary from completing surveys, registering sites, and there are also extra offers that require credit card and a cell phone, but you don't need to do those.
5. Now if you are using fake information, make sure it is consistent through out the offers
6. When doing an offer, follow the instructions given. If the offer says register for the site and verify e-mail, you will not get credited before you do so. Receiving your credits can take up to 24 hours (it's usually specified) but you should usually get credited instantly.
7. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can earn some prizes

1. To claim your prize go to the top side and find "Prizes"
2. Search for your prize or even use the custom prize feature!  Here you can order anything from Amazon, Ebay, Steam or a website of your choice.

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